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Woodhaven Lakes Pre-Labor Day BBQ

There will be a Pre-Labor BBQ at the clubhouse Sunday, August 20, 2023, at 1pm. The pool will not open until 1pm. The menu will be BBQ pork, hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, boiled corn, coleslaw, and a drink provided by Woodhaven. Your part is to show up with a dessert, spend time with your neighbors and enjoy the pool.

August 15, 2023


The Woodhaven Lakes pool is closed until further notice. Unfortunately, the pool pump will not start. Hopefully, this will be a quick fix and the pool will be able to open tomorrow. We will keep you updated and announce as soon as it is able to open again. We apologize for this issue.

August 1, 2023


The Woodhaven Lakes pool is closed until further notice. Unfortunately, the pool pump will not start. Hopefully, this will be a quick fix and the pool will be able to open tomorrow. We will keep you updated and announce as soon as it is able to open again. We apologize for this issue.

August 1, 2023


The pool pump has been repaired and the Woodhaven Lakes pool will open Saturday, July 22, 2023, at 10am. Thank you for your understanding during this issue and we hope everyone has a great weekend. 

July  21, 2023


The Woodhaven Lakes pool is closed until further notice. Unfortunately, the pool pump has broken down and will need to be repaired. The board has contacted a company to come and assess what needs to be done. Hopefully, it will be repaired quickly. We apologize for this unforeseen issue and will diligently work to resolve it. 

July  19, 2023

New Members and Lot Improvements

This is the time of the year that our office manager checks the tax records in Jefferson and Blount County to see if houses or lots have changed hands in the past year. According to the tax records several homes and lots have sold. We would like to take this time to welcome our new members to our neighborhood. 


Please click on the ECC (Environmental Control Committee) tab and you will find commonly asked questions regarding lot improvements/construction. This can be a big help to you. If you have any other questions, please call the office at 205-681-7073 or email


While you are on our web page, please take the time to join as a member. This will allow you to see things pertaining to our neighborhood that are meant for our members only and not for the public that can visit our web page. Please check the website periodically for updated information about the neighborhood.

Again, welcome to the beautiful Woodhaven Lakes neighborhood! 


September 7, 2021

Woodhaven Lakes Annual Meeting Information

As a member of Woodhaven Lakes Property Owners Association, you should have received the annual letter, the election ballot for the board, and a page with brief paragraphs written by the people running for election. There are three board positions open for election.

The annual meeting will be Saturday, May 1st at 9:00am. This year the meeting will be held at the Teen Center Pavilion across from the Woodhaven Clubhouse. Coffee, juice, and refreshments will be provided. If you are not able to attend, please fill out the ballot and return it in the provided envelope by May 1st.  You can mail it or put it in the black drop box to the left of the clubhouse front door. 

Your vote is very important. Our By-laws require 10% of our annual assessment property owners to vote to qualify for an official election. We must have at least 46 votes. It will cost the Association $500.00-$600.00 to conduct the election again.  Ballots must be received prior to 9:15 am May 1, 2021 to be considered in the final tally.

Please visit the new website at and join the Members Only section to be able to access up to date neighborhood information.  

April 20, 2021

Pool Progress Report

First set of bids we had to get was for replastering the pool. It takes a lot of time for pool companies to come out then get an estimate to us.

We selected a company.

The job that was supposed to take 3-4 weeks.  It took 3 months.

Then we were told the gunite (concrete) pool shell was failing. (The pool is nearly fifty years old.)

Had to get a second set of bids for pouring an 8" gunite shell inside of our existing pool. We had to wait 3 months before the third company would be able to come out to assess the pool and give an estimate. (None of these companies said we would need engineer drawings to turn into Jefferson County Dept. of Health).

We selected a company to do the job.

We were told by Jefferson County Dept. of Health we would need engineering drawings to be turned in and approved before we could start our project.

The engineers will submit their drawings to Jefferson County Dept. of Health for approval this week. They said it could take a month to hear back from them.

So now we need a third set of bids that meet the specifications of the engineering drawings. 

We have one bid and are in the process of getting two more.  Our nearly 50-year-old Woodhaven pool is beyond light repair or moderate refurbishing. Reconstruction is an absolute necessity. Obviously, the scheduling of additional necessary bids and timeframe of reconstruction will prohibit opening the pool in 2021.  

Like you, we are assessment paying Association members and volunteers who serve our community to keep it a beautiful place to live and raise our families. Please know that there isn't any member of our community that wants our pool up and running more than your volunteer Board of Directors. We have spent many, many hours on the phone, sending texts and emails, meeting again and again with contractors and engineers, showing up for a scheduled meeting with contractors only to have them not show up.  This has been a stressful huge undertaking with many sleepless nights.  We are determined to have success rebuilding our pool.  With your help we will accomplish this goal.

April 6, 2021

Pool Progress Report
  • Woodhaven Lakes Pool Construction Timeline and Update


  • February 2020 Pool plaster completed.

  • March 2020 Leaks develop and plaster in deep end begins to lift.

  • May 2020 Due to COVID19, the company that plastered the pool did not come out until May.

  • June 2020 Pool company informed the Board that gunite/concrete was failing.

  • June 2020 Received bid from first pool company to repair/reconstruct the gunite/concrete.

  • The Board followed financial procedures for Woodhaven and sought additional bids.

  • June 2020 Second bid was received. (Very few companies do this type of work.)

  • The third pool company could not come out until August 2020.

  • Board accepted the bid from the first pool company.

  • Lawyer drew up a contract for Woodhaven to send to the pool company.

  • September 2020 Contract sent certified to pool company.

  • November 2020 It was determined that Jefferson County Department of Health required an engineer on this project.

  • Engineering firm is drawing up plans to present to Jefferson County Department of Health.

  • January 2021 Woodhaven received engineering plans.

  •  Since Woodhaven pool is categorized as a public pool, it must adhere to the rules and regulations for Jefferson County Department of Health. This is a very time-consuming process. Woodhaven BOD is diligently working to expedite this process as quickly as possible.

February 2, 2021

Basketball Court

  • We are temporarily opening our basketball court for a two-week trial period. If these rules are not followed, we will lock the gate again. We ask that you please follow these rules so we can keep the court open for our members to enjoy. We are proud to announce that we have a new 24/7 camera system that the board members can access through an app on their phone.

  • 1. MEMBERS ONLY NO GUEST (This is due to COVID19 normally we would allow guests)

  • 2. No more than 10 members at a time.

  • 3. Closes at 9pm or dark, whichever is first.

  • 4. No loud music or foul language.

June 26, 2020

Pool Progress Report

The problem is as follows; The Gunite Shell (concrete) has failed. This is not a maintenance issue but a result of an aging 50 year old pool. To add to the problem we also have underground water that is adding more difficulty to the job. Our contractor is working on solving this issue.



  • Remove failed Gunite, add additional rebar support, regunite and plaster.

  • We are waiting on Mancha Pools to give us a starting date and a projected ending date.

  • Our main goal is to have it done right. We will continue to share updates as the pool repairs progress.

  • Thank you for your understanding.

May 29, 2020

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