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Environmental Control Committee

What Is The ECC?

You may have heard ECC and wondered what it means – Environmental Control Committee.  The ECC is a Woodhaven Lakes Property Owner’s Association Board of Directors Committee with a responsibility to “maintain the residential character” of Woodhaven Lakes, and to enforce restrictions as explained in our Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for Woodhaven Lakes.  

Here are a few commonly asked questions that fall under the responsibility of the ECC:

Do I need approval to cut down living trees over 3” that are on my lot?  

Yes. This is to avoid losing the woodsy residential character of Woodhaven, but sometimes trees must come down to provide safety to our house.  We understand, and approval is not a difficult process.            

Simply contact the ECC as noted below.

Are there restrictions as to what I can build on my lot? 

Yes.  There is a minimum square footage and type of construction on any lot in Woodhaven, and a permit for construction is required.  Contact the ECC for details.

Are fences allowed in Woodhaven?  If so, what type?

Generally a 4’ vinyl coated chain link fence meets the requirements (black or green coating preferred).

Contact the ECC for approval.

Can I add a second driveway without approval? 

Generally, a second driveway is not allowed.  However, the ECC has approved additional driveways in some circumstances. 

Ask one of the persons below about your special situation.

Do I need to get approval for making improvements to the exterior of our house… like replacing the roof or painting the exterior? 

That depends.  If you are replacing your roof or repainting the exterior of your house with a color close to the current color, no. 

Approval is needed if you are wanting to add square footage or change the footprint of your current house. 

We encourage all owners to maintain the quality and beauty of your home. 

Contact the ECC below if you have a question.

I own a lot in Woodhaven.  Can I clear my lot before I build a house on it? 

 No.  If you are planning to construct a home on your lot, you must make application for a New  Construction Permit. 

Contact your ECC first. However, if you have many dead pine trees on your lot, we encourage you to cut and remove them.

Can I build a garage that is not attached to my house? 

No.  Attached garages are approved when application is considered for a New Construction Permit.

If you have a very special circumstance contact your ECC.

Do I need approval to build or add a storage shed on my property?   

Yes. Storage buildings are allowed, but ECC approval is required.  It is not a complicated process.

Contact your ECC below.

Your Environmental Control Committee

Bob Finch –, 256-452-4715

Emily Phillips –

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