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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Office Open?

​We do not employ full-time positions at Woodhaven POA. Our office manager is part-time and in the office most mornings during the weekdays. The best way to contact her  at the office 205-681-7073. Leave a voice mail and she will return your call asap or email at

What are Assessments and when are they due?

​Each property owner pays a yearly assessment billed at the end of August and due on October 1st. 

Dues are delinquent on October 31st.


This is a nonprofit organization and we use these funds to care for our lake, common grounds, maintenance, fertilize and stock lake, utilities, pool, landscaping, clubhouse, parks, and a lot more!

Our goal is to be good stewards of all funds.  We have a full audit each year to account for every penny spent on our community.  

Do I have to pay for assessments if I don't use any of the facilities?

​Yes, Each property owner enters into a legal contract with Woodhaven POA when he or she obtains a deed for any property. 

Can I combine 2 lots?

​You cannot combine two lots for the purpose of paying 1 assessment.

Who can access the Pool?

​Any member in "Good Standing"  can bring up to 3 guests per "HOUSEHOLD". Member must be with guest at all times. Renters must have written permission from the owner to use membership privileges

Who can fish in the Lake? 

​Members in "good standing". They must have a fishing pass and a boat decal. This can be obtained through WH Lakes Office. This is a "Private" Lake. 


Who can rent the Clubhouse? 

​Any member in "good standing" can rent the clubhouse for events. The cost is $100 during Pool Season / $75 the rest of the year. There is a $45 deposit required. Hours for rental is 7PM to 11PM. 

Can my dog be allowed to roam the neighborhood? 

​No, We encourage all responsible pet owners to keep their cherished pets under supervision and restraint for both members and their own safety.

Alabama does have a Leash Law Title 3.3-1-5 :


"Every person owning or having in charge of any dog or dogs shall at all times confine such dog or dogs to the limit of his own premises or the premises on which such dog or dogs is or regularly kept."


Jefferson County

All owners, harborers, or keepers are prohibited from allowing their animals to "run at large" They must provide "adequate control" and "ensure they cannot pose a threat to a person, another animal, or itself, or cause damage to personal property". Animals allowed to run at large are not "adequately controlled which is also considered animal neglect. 


To report violations call 205-325-1450 

Are Board Members paid employees? 

​No, they are just neighbors trying to help within the community. We welcome all members to come to the meetings every 3rd Thursday of each month to give us ideas and helpful suggestions. We are always looking for new directors to serve each year.  Please consider serving! 

When are the Parks, Boat Ramp, and Pavilions Open? 

​All recreation areas, parks, boat ramp, and pavilions open at dawn (sunrise) and close at dusk (sunset). No vehicles are to be left at these "Private" Parks or common areas overnight. Vehicles that are left unattended are subject to being towed at the owner's expense. 


Can non-Licensed vehicles be driven on roads within Woodhaven?

 No. These roads are county roads and not "Private" drives. These roads are maintained by both Jefferson and Blount Counties. 

AL State Law 810-1-238  covers all "motor Vehicles" that are not manufactured to comply with federal and state statutes, rules, and regulations governing safety...

Alabama law requires all drivers to be licensed and registered. All vehicles should have a current state tag. We encourage all our members to obey the law and create the safest environment possible on our roadways.

 (Other laws are 32-1-J.1 & 40-12-240)

Can I swim in Woodhaven lake?      

NO swimming in the lake.

Who is responsible for road maintenance in the Woodhaven Lakes subdivision? 

The roads are public roads maintained by Jefferson and Blount counties. Woodhaven Lakes POA cannot alter or add anything to the roads such as speed bumps or street/traffic signs. To report problems with the roads, you will need to contact the Roads and Transportation Department for Jefferson or Blount county.

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